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About Me

Hi, I’m Sheri. 

Creative Director


Event Producer


Salon host


Meditation guide.


That probably sounds a bit “out-there.” But the truth is, few of us are only one thing…and often, one passion influences and amplifies another.


For instance, my yoga and meditation practice gave birth to more space for imaginative and collaborative thinking, creative troubleshooting, and the ability to calmly and thoughtfully navigate challenging situations. All great skills to have as an Event Designer & Creative Director.

And ongoing, in-depth training in both those ancient disciplines (yoga + meditation) — mixed with my marketing and event planning expertise, have allowed me to create classes and workshops that are informative, compelling and fun. All great qualities to have as a meditation and yoga teacher.

Whatever the reason for your visit, I hope we’ll have an opportunity to connect…be it to build an event that supports and elevates your brand…or to schedule a class that feeds your soul and opens your heart. 

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