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Thought Leaders, Authors, Experiential Workshops & Events 
lovingly curated just for women to connect, learn and be inspired

EMET is the Hebrew word for truth, but its deeper meaning is the realization of one's

ultimate potential. I see the promise of human potential all around me, which was the inspiration

behind the women's salons you'll find below. The only way for us to truly open our hearts

and minds is to start learning about each other in ways that encourage open dialog,

curiosity and understanding. We can only start where we are to play a part in creating

a more peaceful world, so I'm starting by bringing women together to learn and share wisdom.



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PayPal and Venmo accepted.  Once your payment is processed,  a confirmation email will  be sent to you with the private address.

Cost includes:

• a scrumptious brunch (or dinner)

• a chance to connect with other wonderful women

• moderated conversation and Q+A

• signed copy of the author's book (when applicable)

• all in a lovely setting

* cost may change depending on event program


Author events are not "book clubs," but springboards for learning + conversation You'll receive a book as part of the event price.

Coming soon Spring Salon Schedule

Join us to experience the power of flowers! Jen will break down a beautiful compote arrangement using local, eco-friendly flowers and show you the ropes of sustainable floral design. Afterward, get ready for a dollop of holiday magic as she demonstrates how to create a tablescape from everyday items.

Plus, you'll experiment and create your own masterpiece too! (Hey, we don't want you to leave empty handed.) No need to worry about tools – we've got everything covered.

Finally, throughout the afternoon, I will guide us through a few grounding meditations that will connect us to the natural world, adding a touch of serenity to our floral afternoon.


Limited to 15 people. Cost: $200

Afternoon includes:

Healthy lunch, flower arrangement demo, supplies to make your own masterpiece, tools, meditation and joy. Private address provided upon registration.

We're back! 

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past events EMET room events

Jennifer Fiss & Sheri Resnik

A SPECIAL WORKSHOP: The Zen of Flower Arranging

A combination of flower arranging and meditation lead to an afternoon of creativity, mindfulness, connection to nature and JOY!

Alex Auder

Don't Call Me Home “Don’t Call Me Home is about madness and love. Alexandra tells the best stories about her extraordinary childhood as she travels the world with her mother Viva. Wit and wisdom wrapped and bound with love.